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Restaurants on Ko Kood: Reviews and Stories. Taxi Ko Chang Asia

Discover the best restaurants on Ko Kood and indulge in a culinary adventure. Read reviews, stories, and recommendations from locals and travelers. Taxi Ko Chang Asia is here to guide you to the most delightful dining experiences on this tropical paradise. Explore the diverse flavors, fresh seafood, authentic Thai cuisine, and international delicacies that await you. Plan your gastronomic journey with us and savor the tastes of Ko Kood. Book your taxi service with Taxi Ko Chang Asia and enjoy a hassle-free and delicious exploration of the island's vibrant restaurant scene.

1. The Fisherman's Table

   Type of Food: Seafood, Thai Cuisine

   Review: Indulge in a delightful seafood feast at The Fisherman's Table, overlooking the tranquil Bang Bao Bay. With an extensive menu featuring the freshest catch of the day, expertly prepared Thai dishes, and a warm and inviting ambiance, this restaurant offers an unforgettable dining experience for seafood lovers.

2. The Tree House

   Type of Food: International, Fusion Cuisine

   Review: Nestled amidst the lush greenery of Ao Yai, The Tree House is a culinary gem that blends international flavors with local ingredients. The creative menu, attentive service, and the unique dining setting among the treetops make this restaurant a must-visit. Don't miss their signature dishes and refreshing cocktails.

3. Benz's Kitchen

   Type of Food: Thai Cuisine, Vegetarian Options

   Review: For authentic Thai flavors and a homely dining atmosphere, head to Benz's Kitchen in Ao Salad. This cozy restaurant serves up traditional Thai dishes bursting with aromatic herbs and spices. Vegetarian options are also available, making it a great choice for those with dietary preferences.

4. Mangrove Breeze

   Type of Food: Seafood, Thai Cuisine

   Review: Situated amidst the captivating mangrove forest of Ao Tapao, Mangrove Breeze offers a unique dining experience. Feast on delectable seafood dishes while enjoying the serene ambiance and stunning views of the surrounding nature. With friendly service and a menu showcasing local flavors, this restaurant promises an unforgettable meal.

5. The Beachfront Grill

   Type of Food: BBQ, Grilled Seafood

   Review: Indulge in a beachside BBQ feast at The Beachfront Grill, where grilled seafood takes center stage. With tables set right on the sandy shores of Ao Prao, you can relish the smoky flavors of perfectly grilled seafood while enjoying the gentle sea breeze. The relaxed atmosphere and breathtaking sunset views add to the overall charm of this dining spot.

6. Baan Aow Restaurant

   Type of Food: Thai Cuisine, Seafood

   Review: Baan Aow Restaurant is known for its mouthwatering Thai dishes and fresh seafood. Set in a charming wooden house overlooking the azure waters of Ao Yai, this restaurant offers a laid-back atmosphere and friendly service. Don't miss their signature Tom Yum soup and grilled prawns, which are local favorites.

7. A-Na-Lay Restaurant

   Type of Food: Thai Cuisine, International Dishes

   Review: A-Na-Lay Restaurant is a hidden gem in Ao Salad, offering a blend of Thai and international flavors. With a diverse menu that caters to all tastes, this restaurant prides itself on using high-quality ingredients and presenting beautifully plated dishes. The warm hospitality and stunning sea views make it a top choice for a memorable dining experience.

8. Horizon View Restaurant

   Type of Food: Thai Cuisine, Seafood

   Review: Perched on a hill with panoramic views of the ocean, Horizon View Restaurant is a must-visit for its breathtaking setting. Enjoy a wide selection of Thai dishes, including fresh seafood delicacies, while admiring the stunning vistas. The attentive staff and tranquil atmosphere add to the overall charm of this picturesque dining spot.

9. Cafe del Amor

   Type of Food: Coffee, Bakery, Light Fare

   Review: If you're in search of a cozy coffee shop with delectable pastries and light bites, look no further than Cafe del Amor. This charming cafe in Bang Bao Bay serves a variety of aromatic coffees, homemade cakes, and sandwiches. Whether you're craving a morning pick-me-up or a relaxing afternoon treat, this delightful spot won't disappoint.

10. Kama Siri

    Type of Food: Thai Cuisine, Vegetarian Options

    Review: Kama Siri is a hidden gem for vegetarian and vegan travelers, offering a range of flavorful Thai dishes made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The menu features a variety of plant-based options, from stir-fried vegetables to curries and tofu-based creations. With its tranquil beachfront location, Kama Siri provides a serene and nourishing dining experience.

These are just a few restaurants on Ko Kood that offer a diverse range of cuisines and dining experiences. Each of them has its own unique atmosphere and culinary delights, ensuring a memorable dining experience during your visit to this tropical paradise.

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