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Markets in Bangkok. Night and Floating Markets.

1. Chatuchak Weekend Market

Anyone who has been to Bangkok will agree that the Chatuchak Weekend Market is a fantastic epitome of the street market.

Considered the largest in Thailand, it boasts a maze of 9,000 stalls with floor-to-ceiling day and evening dresses, homemade clothing labels, fake handbags and quirky pottery to name but a few.

Despite its maze-like layout, Chatuchak is surprisingly easy to navigate. However, when 200,000 people gather for the weekend, it's easy to lose sight of your shopping buddies. Set up a meeting point, such as the Clock Tower, which is right in the middle of the street market. It will be exactly what you need to conquer the entire market!

For a quick refuel, there are many Thai food Restaurants and Bars and several Muslim-friendly eateries like Saman Islamic (located opposite the Clock Tower) that offer everything from flavorful chicken biryani to tom yum or beef noodle soup. A side street away from Samana Islam is the rustic restaurant Kak Jak, which serves fried rice with green curry, spicy chicken salad with rice and pad thai.

When visiting this open-air street market, it is best to advise light clothing and comfortable shoes. To avoid the midday heat, the best time to visit is in the morning or evening. For an even cooler and more laid-back vibe, head to Chatuchak on Fridays from 7pm to 2am (only sections 8-26 will be open).

Opening hours: Sat-Sun; 9:00-18:00, Fri; 18:00-12:00, Wed-Thu; 7:00-18:00 (plant section only)

2. Pratunam floating night market

If you are looking for a new place to stay before your next trip to Bangkok, check out Pratunam Floating Night Market, the newest market in Bangkok!

Located in the heart of Bangkok's bustling Pratunam shopping district, this is the perfect place to spend a relaxing night. What's great about this market is that you can choose from a variety of open-air restaurants and dine on one of their floating platforms. Sounds like a great idea for us!

Although the market is fairly new, look for Thai food such as pad thai, fried rice, grilled seafood and more. Just pay attention to the halal signs! To make your dining experience even better, the market also hosts live performances.

Opening hours: Mon-Sat; from 19:00 to 12:00 (closed on Sundays)

3. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, located outside the center of Bangkok, is a favorite tourist destination. While the market may not be as authentic as it used to be, Damnoen Saduak remains a unique tourist attraction that you should visit at least once.

Bright and early local traders rowed along the dark canals to lure visitors with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables on wooden boats. When the day reaches its peak, these boats are then shaded by ready-made souvenirs, Thai-themed T-shirts, and handmade knick-knacks.

Expect food and souvenirs at higher prices, and guides/taxi drivers who charge exorbitant fees. Arm your visit to Damnoen Saduak with a thorough study of taxi and boat fares.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun; 7:00-15:00

4. Pratunam Market

While the city is still sleeping, the Pratunam market is already awake at the intersection of Ratchaprarop and Phetchaburi streets. As early as 4 am, local vendors opened their shutters to pour out a variety of inexpensive clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories.

This is essentially a wholesale market, expect to see shopkeepers with their heavy carts rushing down the lane looking for the best deals. Follow their house rule "buy more for better discounts" and earn income like a casual blouse for only 100 baht!

In terms of food, Pratunam Market's close proximity to Darul Aman Mosque means there are plenty of halal restaurants along Petchburi Road to try.

If you're early to the market, grab a seat at Farida Fatonee (497/5 Phetchaburi Road) for Muslim-friendly options for Thai dishes such as pad thai, tom yam goong and the local thirst-quenching drink, cha yen (Thai tea with ice), where local specialties such as Thai curry noodles and spicy mango salad dominate the Western menu of steaks and fries.

As with most street markets in Bangkok, trying on clothes and receiving a refund is not allowed. Here's a tip: take a sample of your clothes to see if they fit you.

Opening hours: from 8:00 to 20:00 daily

5. Amphawa floating market

If you prefer a more localized floating market, check out Amphawa, which offers the same as Damnoen Saduak but with fewer tourists. Widely frequented by locals, everything from street food to souvenirs is ready to greet you as you walk across the rickety platforms.

Your main highlight at Amphawa should be grilled seafood. Order and enjoy them at tiny tables or at nearby restaurants with suitable seating arrangements. Juicy shrimp, shellfish and grilled fish are usually priced by weight, so you'll be full throughout the day.

After sunset, take a firefly cruise in Ampawa (along with the village). Depending on the tour you choose, a one-hour boat trip usually costs 60 baht per person.

Opening hours: Fri-Sun; 11:30–21:30; closed from monday to thursday

6. Palladium night market

Located right next to the Palladium Mall in Pratunam, the Palladium Night Market is a small outdoor market that stays open until late.

Although it is smaller than most of Bangkok's night markets, its compact size will help you quickly find what you need! Not to mention that the prices here remain affordable.

Those of you who have children or who buy t-shirts and clothes for children will be happy to know that there are many stalls selling children's clothing in the market. You can also find regular street market items like printed T-shirts, handicrafts, slippers, sandals, etc.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun; 10:00-20:00


ASIATIQUE The promenade is reminiscent of the revival of the old Xuan Lam night market, which used to be located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. Akin to a shopping boulevard, ASIATIQUE is widely known as a modern street market with a huge Ferris wheel.

Open in the evenings, you can shop for similar street market favorites, from summer dresses to quirky knick-knacks. Again, there's nothing wrong with spending a few baht at the popular Narai shop, where flower bags and pouches can be found in abundance.

If you're feeling hungry, stop by Champion Kebab for chicken or beef skewers. To finish off something sweet and not forget about restaurants with draught beers, local and imported.

Opening hours: daily; 11:00-12:00

8. Srinagarindra train night market. Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin Market.

Partly a hipster hangout, Talad Rod Fai is one of Bangkok's most exciting night markets.

Before driving home, you'll find stalls stocked with wallet-friendly clothing and accessories, shop for wardrobe staples, casual shoes, trendy phone cases, and local snacks.

The highlight of this local street market is the variety of retro finds that feed any old soul. Imagine old-school Vespas, dusty antiques and Harley motorcycles all in one space!

In terms of food, Talad Rod Fai has many Thai roast and fried chicken, don't forget to order the fire tom yum at the open-air food court.

Opening hours: Thu-Sun; 17:00–1:00; closed from Mon-Wed

9. ChangChui Plane Night Market

This last market on our list is a must-see if you like all things wacky. If you are so accustomed to the idea of ​​shopping at a traditional market, why not head to Changchui, where art and shopping meet. The highlight of the market is THIS big plane in the middle of the trading floor!

With the concept of reusing everything, ChangChui is a place where artists and designers showcase their work without spending a lot of money. This space not only has unique shops, eateries and street food, but also art galleries and a cinema. This place is for those who love unusual knick-knacks.

Even if you don't like shopping, this place will be a great backdrop for your Instagram photos!

Opening hours: 11:00-23:00 daily

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