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Chanthaburi: Unveiling the Charms of Thailand's Hidden Gem. Taxi Ko Chang Asia

Explore the hidden gem of Chanthaburi, Thailand, with its rich agricultural heritage, stunning natural attractions, and captivating cultural landmarks. Discover the Pliu Waterfalls, Chanthaburi's old quarter, and the famous gem market. Enjoy the tranquility of Laem Sing Beach and indulge in local delicacies. Book your taxi with Taxi Ko Chang Asia for a seamless journey to this enchanting destination.

Chanthaburi: Unveiling the Charms of Thailand's Hidden Gem. Taxi Ko Chang Asia

Chanthaburi Province, located in the central-eastern part of Thailand, offers much more than its famous fruit stalls along the main highway. While it is renowned for its agricultural abundance, there is a wealth of attractions waiting to be explored. The picturesque Pliu Waterfalls and stunning coastline showcase the province's natural beauty, while the fabulous old Chanthaburi waterfront area reflects its rich cultural heritage influenced by Thai, Chinese, and French traditions.

Known locally as "Chan," the city of Chanthaburi sits along the river that shares its name, just 20 kilometers from the Gulf of Thailand. The city's symbol, the rabbit, can be found adorning lampposts throughout, adding a whimsical touch. The charming old quarter along the Chantabun embankment is a highlight, with its elegant, timeworn wooden houses that invite visitors to wander through its streets and alleys. The central street of the old quarter is lined with two-story Chinese-style buildings, while stilted houses with French colonial influences overlook the river, characterized by balconies and shutters. These architectural remnants harken back to the province's brief period under French control after the Franco-Siamese War of 1893.

Chanthaburi boasts a rich history spanning centuries, evident in its numerous temples and shrines. The city's main attractions are conveniently located in the central part, making exploration easy and rewarding. Beach enthusiasts seeking tranquility will find solace at Laem Sing Beach and Chao Lao Beach, beloved by the locals and still relatively undiscovered by foreign tourists. A visit to the grand Gothic-style Catholic cathedral, the largest in Thailand, is a must, as is exploring the bustling gem market.

To truly experience the spirit of Chanthaburi, take leisurely strolls along its streets, savor the flavors of "pad sen chan buu" (fried rice noodles with local crabs), indulge in guava and durian-flavored ice cream, and sip coffee at a riverside café. Shopping for exquisite gemstones is another cherished activity, as Chanthaburi is renowned as the gem capital of Thailand. The city's stone market, open on weekends, attracts sellers and buyers from around the world.

A visit to the Memorial in honor of the Siamese general Thaksin, located just north of the old quarter, holds significant cultural and historical value. Thaksin, who became King of Siam after leading a victorious battle against Burma in 1767, is commemorated by a stupa temple shaped like his hat, housing a seated statue of the revered leader.

Nature enthusiasts should not miss Namtok Pliu National Park, named after its captivating waterfall where swimming amidst carps in crystal-clear waters is a refreshing experience. The park also features a stupa-chedi dedicated to King Rama V's late wife. About 30 kilometers north of the city lies Khao Kitchakut National Park, home to the majestic Khao Phra Bat Mountain and its thirteen-level waterfalls. Locals believe that the cascading streams hold purifying powers and make pilgrimages to the site. Adjacent to the park is the renowned Wat Khao Sukim, an active monastery perched on a high mountain. A grand staircase or a funicular ride leads visitors to the temple, which houses around twenty wax figures of revered monks. The temple's veranda provides a breathtaking panoramic view of the surroundings.

In Chanthaburi, there is a unique celebration that sets it apart from other Thai cities: Christmas. Experience the enchantment of celebrating Christmas amidst the city's streets, offering a festive and memorable experience.

Come and discover the captivating allure of Chanthaburi Province, where cultural heritage, natural wonders, and warm hospitality await.

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