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The unique taste of Chanthaburi province in the traditional Chan people's dish "Chamuang Pork".

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Chamuang Pork

Chantorn Pochana (Maharaja) restaurant is a unique taste of the Chanthaburi province. Relax and grab a bite to eat here on your way to Koh Chang. You will never regret it.

Be sure to order the traditional Chan people dish - Chamuang pork in sweet and sour sauce. Sour because of Chamuang leaves, sweet because of palm sugar. This is followed by a salty and slightly pungent taste. It is assumed that even children can eat this dish.

If there are foreign guests at the party who have never been to these parts, Chamuang pork will definitely be included in the menu.

The Chamuang plant or Garcinia cowa Roxb.ex Choisy is native to Thailand, found in the rainforests of Southeast Asia, and each region has its own unique name. For example, in the North - Som Pong, in the northeast - Macmong, in the south - Som Muang, in Khmer - Tramu D. The restaurant has a huge selection of delicious souvenirs. Don't forget to bring a jar of chamuang pork with you to surprise your family and friends when you return from your trip.

Chamuang Pork Jar

Why bring annoying keychains and magnets from distant countries to everyone? May be made in China)))555 Bring delicious exotic gifts. They will definitely find a response in the hearts of your loved ones and friends. And not only your loved ones will receive unusual emotions and sensations. You yourself will enjoy their reaction.

And the pleasure of loved ones is our happiness. Perhaps, in this way, you will persuade your friends, who have never been to the Kingdom of Thailand, to travel with you next time. "You imagine! How many more delicious things there are! Come with me!" - you exclaim)

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